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Khasra No.231/1 Arcadia Grant, Mohanpur, Prem Nagar,
Dehradun-248007, UK (INDIA).

Research & Innovation

QBRL have planning to establish own R & D centre with modern and sophisticated equipment for Research. Emphasis is laid to Upgrading process technology, Cost reduction with Optimum utilization of resources, Pilot plant Research for Improvement in Quality and new product Development. QBRL proposed laboratory will be fully equipped for Micro-biological, Chemical, Pharmacological, Physical and metallurgical testing with Effective controls of process


  1. QBRL have planning to Manufactures best quality products satisfying quality norms of all multinationals Country qualifying International and National Audits

  2. QBRL believes that the key to stay ahead in competition is Quality and that the Quality cannot be achieved by end product testing alone; strength, purity, safety and efficacy are its essential ingredients.

  3. QBRL believes that the product will rule the market only when it conforms to the quality requirement of the customer - first time and every time, meeting world-class standards.

  4. QBRL quality gyrates around customer satisfaction. It is towards this end that the Company believes in Total Quality Management.

Key Areas:

QBRL have planning to establish FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT with highly qualified & experienced personnel, equipped with sophisticated instruments has developed number of innovative & Technology Driven dosage forms such as: - Multi Tablets in single dosages form, Instant & Sustained Release products, Bi-layered tablets, Form Fill & Seal Technology products, Pre-filled ready to use parental kits, Effervescent tablets & powders, Medicinal jelly in palatable form, Medicinal Chewing Gums, Mouth dissolving tablets / powders, bio-glue for wound care, Nano-red Fluid (Blood substitute) and cast effective herbal formulations. QBRL have planning to validate many more new NOVEL DRUG DELIVERY PRODUCTS in new dosage forms.

Business Model

To achieve the vision, QBRL have planning to work on following business modules i.e. Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS), Research & Development of New Formulations and obtaining DCGI approval, Technology Development & Transfer to others. Technical Collaboration & Joint Ventures, Arranging products registrations of imported drugs, Offering tailor made Specialized products, Arranging Clinical Trials & Bioequivalence Studies, Emphasis on Research & Development of formulations based on N.D.D.S, Patenting of Innovative Drugs Development in Process & Packaging, Development of Infrastructure & Qualified Manpower, Sustained Improvement in Product Quality